An Emoji Keyboard/Art Museum

FridaMoji: Frida Kahlo Emoji Keyboard

A few months back we launched a fine art emoji project that flew across the internet. Our simplified versions of fine art and artist got the attention of countless merchandisers and app builders. Hundreds of people wrote in asking us to make them available for texting…

But what meant the most to us was how the art history community embraced the project. We didn’t expect museum directors to call and thank us. We didn’t expect teachers to ask for high resolution versions for lectures. We didn’t expect to be in someones master’s thesis. We got to be a part educating people about our heroes. That felt really good. So we kept going.

We took our most popular emoji artist, Frida Kahlo, and teamed up with the Frida Kahlo Corporation to create 160 FridaMoji. Kahlo’s most recognizable icon was her own face. In painting after painting, she used the canvas as a diary. Into which she poured her anguish, beauty, and pain. We studied all of her most famous self portraits. (We even watched that melodrama with Salma Hayek.) Then we took everything we learned and converted into emoji form for your texting pleasure. 

The FridaMoji app is free, and available right now:

Download the FridaMoji app