Anderson Bio



Jenna Leigh Anderson (American, b.1984)

As a child I knew I wanted to be an artist at about eight years old and drew frequently, following my Dad's (a painter and sculptor) instruction. Primarily Self-taught, I’ve studied and practiced seriously and professionally since 2008, unwaveringly pursuing my art.


Jenna Leigh studied several years with Robert Liberace, Casey Baugh and attended several painting demos of the portrait and figure with many great artists.  She is an alumnus of the portrait society of America conferences and regularly attend life-drawing sessions, furthering her studies on the human form. Studied life drawing with Professor Josh Yavelburg at Lorton Workhouse from 2009-2011. Attended Northern Virginia Community College, Advanced fine arts Painting and Drawing from 2008-2009.

Artist Statement, Motivations/Inspirations:

I’ve always been interested in the female portrait/figure and our human connection to nature.  Exploring that everything is energy and connected to all that is; and, just as a beautiful flower will perish, as do we.  I find beauty in this physical experience, this journey of self-discoveries and learning more about what it means to fully experience being human, fully alive in a moment, taking it in with all our senses. Loving all its rawness, pain, emotional angst, resistance, love and relationships.  Becoming stronger and more beautiful on the other side as more of that which we are comes to reveal itself on the surface.  Sharing the unfolding of our personal evolution in their raw forms. 

 I love paint.  The feeling of it leaving my hands; the execution of it.  Talking with paint, creating a conversation a viewer can hear and feel is everything.  This universal language of silent poetry, exploring all that is capable of reaching in another person.  It’s also the textile; the textures and mark making that excite me.  How surprises happen around every corner and the unplanned becomes the real plan. 

It’s my therapy.  It is the present moment in action.  A flow state within the vein of the Divine that is always a river of loving energy in motion.  Tapping into it is liberating, and a nerve racking surrender.  I lose myself but, at the same time I find I’m closer to myself and my deepest truth.  It’s a dance I’ve never been able to quit, because it’s the biggest expression of who I am. 


  • 2018 PSOA's "select 50" in their international art competition

  • 2016 "Uniquely Spotsylvania Exhibition"first place for a portrait in oil 

  • 2015 Granted tuition to the portrait conference

  • 2014 Finalist _ Artist Magazine Annual Competition (Three Paintings)

  • 2013 Finalist _ Artist Magazine Annual Competition (One Paintings)

  • 2012 "Uniquely Fredericksburg Exhibition" First place for a charcoal portrait