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About FridaMoji

We are a father and son team of art history nerds designing things in homage to our favorite artists.


Sam and Larry Cantor began in 2017 in Los Angeles, because of some really popular fine art emoji programs. With a background in the design, Sam has a colorful aesthetic and an experimental approach to the art world. Larry has been a fine art dealer for the past 35 years and his experience informs his modern yet classic aesthetic. We both have very different artistic visions, but share the same passion for craft, quality, and art history. Our mission is to create homages to fine art with beautiful yet durable every-day products and digital projects...and too laugh alot.  

In conjunction with the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Zazzle (online selling platform) we are offering a wonderful selection of art inspired objects by Frida Kahlo using her emoji images of her life and artwork that transcends time.