KM Deutsche Kulturegeschicte (German Culture) v.2

Kerry Miller

Deutsche Kulturegeschicte (German Culture) v.2

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Background: Each book sculpture begins as a treasure hunt. Kerry Miller is constantly scouring Europe for books that fit her criteria. "Good" books are few and far between. German Culture was truly a buried treasure. It was found in an old chapel in a small forgotten town, buried in a pile of old prints. The outside wasn't much to look at, but when she saw the rich and Germanic colors, she got an adrenaline rush and knew this was a special book. 

With old books like this, printing images was an expensive and difficult endeavor. To print in color was even more so, which makes this book such a great find. Kerry Miller comments, "It features a number of gorgeous, rich illustrations of medieval fashions, which I have loved working with. Also a large number of very detailed black and white images of ladies with their hair so bouffant that they must surely have had the height of the doors increased!"