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Edmond Charles Joseph Yon (1836-1897) 

Edmond was born in Paris on February 2, 1836, and died in the same city on March 15, 1897. He was a Painter of landscapes and an Engraver of wood & copper. He was a pupil of Jean Achille Pouget and of Justin Lequien (1826-1882) both sculptor’s. His opening debut was with the Salon of 1865. He showed engravings on wood and several illustrations for the works of Victor Hugo. When he started painting he would interpret the works of such artist as d’Anastasi, de Bernier, Corot, Millet , Guillemet, Van Marckeand Vernier.

In 1867, he premiered the painting titled “Chemin à Véizy” at the Salon. He won his first medal at a Solon showing in 1875 with a painting entitled “Bras de la Seine”, which was painted around Montereau. He also won a medal at the 1879 Salon with his painting entitled “Le Bas de Montigny, Bords de la Marne”. In 1886 he was elected Chevalier to the Legion of Honor. At the Worlds Fair in 1889 he won a gold Medal.

Yon loved painting the edges of rivers and was often found painting along the banks of the Beaver River, Marne and Seine. One could also find him in Normandy at the Eure River, in Holland near Saint-Jean-of-Luz. His paintings are vibrant and colorful with a wonderful frankness that is true to nature.


  • Amiens, Anvers, Arras, Bayonne, Calais, Chateau-Thierry


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